About Us

Since 2004, when Alexander Theilich and Thomas Hänel founded GbR as a dosenspezialist GbR for commercial customers, it has grown year on year. Since 2007 we have been operating under the name of Dosenspezialist GmbH. Meanwhile we are a team of 10 people in a modern office building in Gotha. Each of our employees has other strong competences, which has allowed us to grow together into an unbeatable team. With you we and our tinplate cans would like to grow even further.

www.doseplus.de - Our company, Die Dosenspezialist GmbH, offers you a variety of different tinplate cans with the PLUS. We are very happy when we turn our tinplate cans into your own product. We offer you the best presentation variants through the refinement types digital printing, embossing and laser engraving. Your tin can is not included? No problem, because we offer you a special production, where you can let your wishes run free. Does not work - does not exist.

Our cans can be used in all areas (food, storage, gifts, etc.) and are 100% recyclable, thus offering you environmental friendliness and durability of the material.

You are not a commercial customer? We offer you an optimal solution for this as well.                
Visit our end customer platform "TINDOBO".