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Our standard is everything that isn't standard.

Whether it involves embossing, printing, stamping, gluing, lacquering, engraving, lasers or otherwise:
We can turn any container into your container. Tell us what you need and we will help you turn your ideas into reality.
That is our ultimate standard!

Blechdosen mit Lasergravur Veredelung

Laser engraving

We use a YAG laser for tin engraving, which is particularly well-suited for the purpose. The laser beam removes the surface neatly while the material changes color due to the heat. Special techniques allow for multicolor engraving as well. We offer individual designs for orders of up to 5000 pieces.

Blechdosen mit Verschlüsse Veredelung


We offer a variety of fastener types according to your needs ? such as swing tops for coffee cans.

Blechdosen mit Strasssteine Veredelung


Our method begins with embossments that are then filled with the stones for a singular effect ? connecting the glamour of rhinestones with cool metal clarity.

Blechdosen mit Kombination von Lacken Veredelung

Combining varnishes

You can combine matte and glossy varnishes ? it can lead to interesting effects when both are used together in one design.

Blechdosen mit Digitaldruck Veredelung

Digital printing

This printing technique is particularly well-suited to the application of raster and pixel-based images to all varieties of tins. Our new digital printing machines are even able to print in white. This technique allows us to print your photographic designs in the highest quality onto tins (in small batch series).

Blechdosen mit Prägung Veredelung


Embossing can be used to improve the look and enhance the design of tins. We provide both embossing and stamping, and for small orders (of up to a few thousand) we can offer cost-efficient embossing stamps. And we pass this price advantage on to our customers. The combination of embossing and printing can add up to quite an impressive presentation.

Blechdosen mit Griffe  Veredelung


As illustrated here with this somewhat unique example, we offer a wide range of various handles to lend each tin can a touch of individuality.

Blechdosen mit Räder Veredelung


We can attach wheels to tins and shape them into busses, trains, trailers, aircraft, and the like. Just let us know and we can help you find the right vehicle for your product!

Blechdosen mit Offsetdruck Veredelung

Offset printing

We can offer photographic offset printing of up to 60 dots per cm at attractive conditions starting at 2000 pieces. In this process, flat tinplates of approximately 1000x1200 mm are imprinted. These can weigh up to several kilograms at a plate thickness of between 0.20 and 0.35 mm. The tinplate is primed and dried prior to its offset printing. This process serves to transform our metal packaging into unique products. In addition to CMYK printing we also print special Pantone colours.

Blechdosen mit Stanzung Veredelung


Die-cuts are another option, whether you wish to improve the look of your products or require the technique for functional reasons.

Blechdosen mit Lochblech Veredelung

Perforated plate

Perforate metal plates are an option. We use a silk-screen process to print on these materials. The minimum order size for this type of material ranges between 5000 and 10,000 pieces, depending on the dimensions involved.

Blechdosen mit Rost Veredelung


Rust is normally to be avoided. And yet one German rock band wanted to order a CD case for their greatest hits compilation that symbolizes impermanence. So we rusted the tinplate packaging and finished the product in a silk-screen process. As you can see, we are happy to discuss your requests with you, no matter how wild or unusual.

Blechdosen mit Aufkleberautomat Veredelung

Labelling machine

One recent addition to our repertoire is our newly developed labelling machine for both round and rectangular tins, which serves as a cost-efficient alternative to printing. The advantage of these labels is that they can be adjusted to the length and width required. We are also happy to extend our labelling service to you for your own product range.