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Box2Bon voucher packagings

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The original Box2Bon packaging for your voucher

If there is a voucher or coupon what should be given away, it is missing often an adequate frame, because the right ideas are lacking. A high-quality vouchers or cards can be a noble gift, when it is presented in an exceptional Box2Bon gift packaging. The robust Box2Bon voucher boxes made of refined tinplate are suitable not only for self made and purchased vouchers but also for business cards and much more. They are available in two shapes: square and round shape. Secure storage is ensured by the appropriate voucher holder inside the box and the contents can not accidentally fall out when the voucher boxes are opening. The square coupon packaging is equipped with a hinged lid. The lid of the round Box2Bon voucher tin box is easily removable.

The different fields of application of the Box2Bon voucher packaging

Our Box2Bon voucher boxes are regarded as the best packaging idea for important vouchers, coupons, discount cards and others. In a larger quantity they can be presented to the stock customers or to the potential new customers. However, the elegant voucher packaging is made of fine tinplate and it is also available in a smaller quantity. There is the possibility of having imprint with its own company logo on the elegant packing for advertising purposes. Not only the ordinary pressure in black-white is offered. Even colorful photos can be professionally printed on the decorative metal voucher box. And also with special high and depression stamps the voucher boxes can be provided. So beautifully made voucher packaging will not be unnoticed or, alternatively, it may be used for any other purpose in the future.