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Christmas tin boxes
Some Christmas presents are anything but easy to pack. No gift packaging seems to fit - nothing except Christmas tin boxes. Their solid form allows to take up nearly everything that fits into. They can also be individually decorated or printed. Thus, presents do not only look beautiful. Especially sensitive gift ideas are well protected in a suitable Christmas tin box and nothing will happen to them on a long journey.

Christmas tin boxes instead of wrapping paper?

For some gift ideas wrapping paper isn´t much good. Much better would be a Christmas tin box because it looks beautiful and extraordinary and at the same time appears to be of real and first-class quality. For example, use a Christmas tin box for homemade cookies or for several small presents. It saves you a lot of time, efforts and nerves when you do not need to pack every little bit separately. An already decorated Christmas tin box looks nice and is sufficient as a sole gift packaging, whether for a good friend or the customers of a company. Undecorated Christmas tin boxes can be individually decorated, for example, with Christmas stickers or other beautiful design ideas.

Christmas tin boxes - unconventional and creative

A beautiful Christmas tin box as gift packaging is not only suitable for presents which need such a protection. Except its stability a Christmas tin box is a nice variation in the annual potpourri of wrapping papers. Most of all it is environmentally friendly. Whereas wrapping paper is thrown away or stored without ever being used again the Christmas tin box can be reused over and over as gift package. In any case, the pretty Christmas tin box will leave so much impression that it is certainly not thrown away and will gradually find a new purpose of use. For example, you can utilise the Christmas tin box as an all-the-year storage box and every year it lets you look forward to the Christmas time again.

Ideas for your own Christmas tin box:

Christmas tin boxes are available readily decorated and printed but also in simple design. This enables a free and individual configuration. Christmas stickers, embossment, custom-made printing...there are a lot of possibilities for designing and decorating a Christmas tin box. You can creatively go wild in design in order to make an individual and unique present to the presentee, one of a kind he will certainly not receive a second time. Custom-made presents are especially personal and thus a real pleasure under the Christmas tree. It is the personal nature of a gift (and its packaging) that pleases someone.