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Film tins a touch of Hollywood

Metal film tins are packagings evoking associations and relating emotions. The classic look and the surface embossment let even youngsters instantly think of their favorite movies. A close association to the motion-picture scene is automatically established.
With these special looking packagings we are offering you high-quality storage boxes of proven tinplate in a mat-silver look to which emotions are already linked. Even completely without individual logos or engravings our movie can "Large" represents an amazing diversification for business ranges in the visual media.
Advertising specialties of these optics grant, of course, a special advantage when your business is directly related to the motion-picture sector. Thus, a part of your sales message is already conveyed by the packaging itself. Due to the longevity of our tinplate boxes your logo on a movie can is always kept in mind.

film tins - a synergy of design and shape

Round, flat tinplate boxes can be used for a multiplicity of applications. Each of these boxes stores everything fitting into. Our film tins keep CDs and the largest movie can even records. Of course, a film tin also stores classical film spools for which it is originally designed. The selection of products, for example, in a business gift with your logo on top and your contact data on the bottom by means of a persisting embossment is not limited to obvious things.
Use the association to movie business and pack your corporate presentation on an arbitrary data medium inside our movie cans. Thus, the packaging of your gift imparts a touch of a "cineastic Hollywood event".
Alternatively, recommend your customers to buy a suitable product of your assortment combined with a classic, durable gift packaging. Fitting inserts for our boxes, tailored to the dimensions of your products are also belonging to our scope of supply.

Individuality - we realize your visions

Beyond an optical highlight and a useful benefit, your advertising specialties should  offer enough space for your sales message. All tinplate boxes can be excellently personalized. Our long-standing experience allows us to apply your selected motifs by different printing processes or to realize your message by means of embossing or laser engraving.
When you are planning a diversification with our tinplate boxes we can apply your desired motifs according to your requirements. If you want to offer our movie cans as additional gift packaging, your company´s contact data can be subtly embossed on the bottom and the box serves in addition as advertising media for your enterprise.

Take advantage of the associations evoked by a movie can and combine your products or sales messages with the atmosphere of big cinemas. Let your motifs or logo create the packaging for your individual Blockbuster.